News and Announcements

News and Announcements

Date Published: August 15, 2017
We are proud to share the following achievements made by our CBES Associated Researchers:

Dr. Abbey Thomas - Interview with the NY Times about osteoarthritis after joint injury

Please see the fulll article here

Dr. Didier Dreau - Congratulations for being an editor on this newly published book entitled: Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems edited by Karen J.L. Burg, Didier Dréau, Timothy Burg


Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems provides an introduction to, and unique coverage of, a rapidly evolving area in biomaterials engineering. It reveals the current and future research responses, the current and future diagnostic applications, and provides a comprehensive overview to foster innovation. It offers insight into the importance of 3D systems and their use as benchtop models, spanning applications from basic scientific research to clinical diagnostics. Methods and limitations of building 3D tissue structures are evaluated, with attention given to the cellular, polymeric, and fabrication instrumentation components. The book covers the important aspects of polymeric tissue test systems, highlighting the needs and constraints of the industry, and includes a chapter on regulatory and pricing issues.

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Dr. Hansang Cho and his team - Please check out the links below for information regarding this hot topic world-wide:

External funding on brain-on-chip from Harvard

Dr. Pinku Mukherjee - OncoTAb, Inc., was founded by Mayo Clinic alumna Dr. Pinku Mukherjee, with a mission to improve the quality of cancer care by addressing unmet cancer diagnostic and therapeutic needs. The company’s technology platform is a monoclonal antibody (TAB004) for tumor-associated MUC1 (tMUC1) that was developed by Chief Scientific Officer and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at UNC Charlotte, Dr. Pinku Mukherjee. TAB004 has cancer diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic applications that are being developed at OncoTAb. A portfolio of patents (US Patents: 8,518,405 & 9,090,698; additional US & worldwide patents pending) protect the antibody and its fragments, method of creating antibody and use of antibody for diagnostics, imaging and therapeutics.

Product description:

Agkura™ Personal Score is a simple, non-invasive blood test that aids breast cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue or at high risk for developing breast cancer. It measures the levels of the biomarker tumor-associated MUC1 (tMUC1) that is released in blood. Agkura™ Personal Score shows a trend of increasing value from benign disease through breast cancer stages 1 to 4. Women can monitor their personal score in conjunction with annual mammograms. A score above the normal reference interval or an increasing trend would indicate the need for additional imaging modalities (ultrasound or MRI), resulting in earlier stage diagnosis of breast cancer. The company has a worldwide exclusive license to a patent-protected technology platform with cancer diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic applications. OncoTAb’s first product is Agkura™ Personalized Score - A simple, non-invasive blood test as a bi-annual supplement to mammography for women with dense breast tissue.

Contact Information:

Address: 9201 University City Blvd., Bioinformatics Bldg. Room 243, Charlotte, NC 28223

Telephone: 1-855- ONCOTAB

Web Address: 

Dr. Mukherjee makes cancer breakthrough

Date Published: January 19, 2016

Pinku Mukherjee, the Belk Endowed Professor of Cancer Research, was profiled Sunday, Jan. 10, in The Charlotte Observer. The feature, written by Karen Garloch, highlights Mukherjee, who is making an exponential impact in the field of cancer research.

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CBES Grant Proposal Mentoring Program

Date Published: January 13, 2016

Our first session is scheduled for this Friday, January 15th from 11-12pm in Woodward 480A. For more details please click here

Dr. Craig Ogle Receives 2014 First Citizens Bank Medal

Date Published: July 29, 2014

Congratulations are in order to Dr. Craig Ogle.  He received the 2014 First Citzens Bank Scholars Medal, presented by First Citizens Bank and UNC Charlotte, on April 2, 2014 .  This is a prestigous award which honors faculty scholarship and intellectual inquiry. To read the full article please visit UNC Charlotte's Office of Public Relations.  A video of the interview is also available via  YouTube.

In Vivo Imaging IVIS Spectrum

Date Published: July 22, 2013

Below is the link to the Power Point presentation for the IVIS System presented by Tarik Harb on July 1, 2013.