Molecular Engineering and Design

MEDThe primary objective of the MED focus area is to catalyze new research interactions for researchers interested in modeling within the focus area, as well as with experimentalists and clinicians interested in collaborating with modelers.  Current members of our the MED focus area come from the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science at UNC Charlotte. The barriers for building successful collaborations are usually high, which is often due to the challenges of:

  • Taking time out from current research projects to appreciate how other scientist and engineers think about and approach solving problems.

  • Identifying a single or multifaceted problem that is of common interest to two or more investigators with complementary skill sets.

  • Finding seed money to provide resources for initial exploratory efforts.  (Usually, collaborations must be established through peer-reviewed publications before a collaborative research group will be successful in obtaining external funding.

The vision MED is to reduce this initial barrier so that many productive teams consisting of multiple PIs (and co-PIs) will form, and taken together, will have unique capabilities greater than the sum of its individuals.  In this way, much more competitive, large scale, grants can be secured to tackle important biomedical problems that would be improbable to solve without having diverse perspectives that result from multidisciplinary collaboration.

  • Biomaterials and biocatalysts

  • Molecular recognition and design

  • Biosensors and drug delivery systems

  • Molecular machines and self- assembly